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Midori-Bio Textile Solutions

A unique green chemistry concept for textile finishes

Our textile finishes are sourced from renewable, natural raw materials. Our ground-breaking formula ensure performance in your textiles while lowering carbon emissions.

Key benefits

Maintain the quality while reducing the environmental impact


A plug-and-play solution for a lower carbon footprint

All our finishes are easy to integrate into your textile production process. No special alterations are required, and there is no compromise on quality.


Bio-textile Finishes

For Wicking

bioWick with algae

The first microalgae-based wicking finish for synthetic textiles


  • A revolutionary wicking finish for high performance textiles.
  • Innovative formula provides excellent durability and fast-drying properties, achieving state-of-the-art performance.
  • Performance comparison with bioWick product Midori WP3.0 (Plant Seed).
    • 6-10% faster wicking *based on product testing of 25 different PES fabrics.
    • 0-5% faster wicking *based on product testing of 15 different PA fabrics.

Made from

100% microalgae oil, the first-ever in the industry. Microalgae oil is GMO. free. Extracted from dried microalgae biomass which has been grown in controlled, sealed environments.

Suitable for

Excellent for synthetic fabrics.


For Wicking

bioWick with plant seed

Wicking and drying finish for synthetic textiles made from plant seed oil


  • A finishing technology for synthetic textiles that has high wicking power and is fast-drying
  • An innovative formula that elevates textile performance and provides excellent durability

Made from

100% plant seed oil

Suitable for

Excellent for synthetic fabrics


For Wicking & Softness


An eco-friendly wicking finish for cotton that is soft, cool and re-hydrating


  • Combines two critical performance attributes for cellulosic fabrics and blends: wicking and softness
  • Enhanced comfort that maintains the softest quality and dry comfort of your cotton and blends
  • Multi-purpose fabric softener for denim, bottoms, knits, shirts, etc.

Made from

Plant-seed based oils and palm oil-free active ingredients

Suitable for

Cotton, blends and regenerated cellulosics such as TENCELTTM and TENCELTTM Lyocell


For Softness


A soft and smooth finish for all fibres


  • Lightweight, multipurpose formula 
  • Enhances comfort and wear
  • Soft and breathable, with a smooth hand

Made from

Plant-seed based active ingredients and components from bio-waste streams

Suitable for

Any fibre type including blends


For Water Repellency


A PFC-free, durable water-repellent for all fibres


  • High performance and durability that protects fabrics from rain and water-based stains
  • Does not use PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals), which has toxic effects on the health of humans and animals if released into our waterways.
  • Versatile and environmentally-friendly solution

Made from

Partially-based plant seed, renewable sources, and Bluesign® certified components. 

Suitable for

Any fibre type


For Odor Control

Odor Eliminating Technology

A natural solution to reduce odors in the next generation of innovative apparel

How it works

With our odor-eliminating process, scientifically selected microbes are bonded to the surface of a given material, resulting in thousands of microbes to every square inch of fabric.

These microbes lay dormant in the fibres until they come in contact with organic material (such as sweat).  Activated microbes work to reduce the odor-causing organic material.

​With partially decomposed organic material broken down, the odor is reduced, and the microbes go back to being dormant.


Our products are natural, invisible, non-toxic, safe for consumers, and safe for the environment.

They are not genetically modified, not EPA regulated, and cause no harm to other beneficial microbes!

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