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Working with nature, not against it

We are driven by the dire need to help and heal our planet, our values and mission continue to push us towards providing organic solutions to create this positive change together.

Exceeding the highest standards

We strive to go above and beyond the highest standards for environmental sustainability, as recognized by the industry certifications and accreditations of our technologies.

Ensuring quality and practicality

Our ready-for-market organic applications are cost-effective and easy to integrate into commercial production. We understand that leading brands require solutions for plastics and synthetic textiles that maintain high-performance while being more sustainable.


Robert Leeder

Co-Founder, Chairman & President

Ken Lyons

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben Mulroney

Vice President Communications
and Business Development

Dan Duguay

Chief Innovation Officer


Biogas Magazine

Biogas Magazine has released their third issue in May 2024. To view or download this issue, click the link below. READ BIOGAS MAGAZINE

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The Fraud of Plastic Recycling

At the core of the plastic waste crisis lies a decades-long campaign of fraud and deception orchestrated by fossil fuel and petrochemical companies. Drawing on extensive new and existing research, “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling” reveals how Big Oil and the plastics industry have misleadingly marketed recycling as a viable solution to plastic waste management for over 50 years, even

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Categorization of Plastic Waste on Sixty-Six Beaches in the Laurentian Great Lakes Region, North America

The Laurentian Great Lakes system serves as a significant global repository for plastic debris. Researchers sampled large micro-, meso-, and macroplastic items from an area of 10 square meters on sixty-six beaches within the Great Lakes. In total, they collected and categorized 21,592 plastic items. The most prevalent type of debris was pre-production plastic pellets, which made up 58.3% of

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Science.org: Global producer responsibility for plastic pollution

Brand names can be used to hold plastic companies accountable for their items found polluting the environment. Using data from a five-year global program (2018–2022) covering 84 countries and 1,576 audit events, Science.org identified brands on plastic items found in the environment. The findings showed that 50% of the items were unbranded, highlighting the need for mandated producer reporting. The

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Create high-performance textiles without the carbon footprint

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.