Our innovative technologies work with nature

Our certified solutions

Our organic additives are non-toxic, renewable, and easy to integrate into your production or packaging processes for a more sustainable business.

Biodegradable Solutions

An additive for plastic, accelerating natural biodegration

Cost-effective and easy to integrate into most manufacturing processes, our organic additive accelerates the natural biodegration process to just 3 to 5 years (vs 300-1000+ years), helping reduce the footprint of our landfills.

Textile Solutions

Organic, plant-based additives replaces toxic chemicals

The best way to reduce waste is by designing waste out of our products from the beginning. Sourced from renewable, natural raw materials, our textile finishes achieve the same high level of performance while lowering carbon emissions and eliminate toxic chemicals additives.

The planet is in need of sustainable solutions

We work with nature, not against it