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Midori Biorecyclable Solutions

Accelerating the natural biorecycling process

The Midori Biosolutions additive can be applied to nearly all polymer types, processes, and applications to reduce the amount of waste taking up space in landfills.

How it works

Integrating our technology into plastics speeds the biorecycling process to just a few years*, vs 300 to 1000 years.

Step 1

Integrate additive during extrusion or compounding stage

Step 2

Opens polymer chain allowing water & microbes to enter

Step 3

Breaks down to “Element” level:

Key benefits

A sustainable solution for plastics, textiles and other synthetics


We offer a cost-effective end-of-life solution for all plastics

Whether a plastic is flexible or rigid, and is extruded, molded, thermoformed, spun, compounded, or laminated, our cost-effective additive can make it biorecyclable in a biologically active landfill.


Integrates seamlessly into most manufacturing processes

Products made with our easy-to-use technology have the same physical properties and tensile strength. This means the plastics will perform just as well as those manufactured without our technology, but with the added benefit of biorecycling when discarded in a biologically active landfill.


Food Contact Safe and FDA Approved

Our technology is 100% organic, non-toxic, and non-starch based. It leaves behind no microplastics or nanoplastics and creates a renewable energy source that can qualify for a carbon offset.

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The planet is in need of sustainable solutions

Create high-performance textiles without the carbon footprint

*Based on ASTM D5511 testing result rates.

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